A. Waiting Lists for Public Housing Units

MHACY utilizes site-based waiting lists to ensure apartment offers for its public housing units are based on the applicant’s location choice, as opposed to the general availability of a unit. Separate site-based waiting lists are maintained (a) for Senior and Disabled applicants, and (b) for families. The site-based waiting lists for Senior and Disabled applicants are open, and applicants selected from those lists will be offered either a studio or a one bedroom unit. To apply, click here. People who require a reasonable accommodation as a result of a disability in order to complete the application process may call MHACY’s Admissions Office at 914-793-8497.

MHACY acknowledges that a victim of domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault or stalking may have an unfavorable history (e.g., a poor credit history, a record of previous damage to an apartment, a prior arrest record) that would warrant denial under the MHACY’s policies. Therefore, if MHACY makes a determination to deny admission to an applicant family, the Authority will include in its notice of denial information about the protection against denial provided by The Violence against Women Act of 2013 (“VAWA). To obtain more information about VAWA, click here.

The site-based waiting lists for families is closed. Families who were previously on the Authority’s Public Housing Waiting List have been transitioned onto the new site-based waiting lists in sequence, based upon type and size of unit, preferences, accessibility features and date and time their original application was received. Once the site-based lists have been exhausted, applicants will be selected from MHACY’s Housing Choice Voucher waiting list.

Once an applicant is reachable on any site-based list, the applicant will be given one offer of an apartment, and in the event they reject the offer made to them off of a site-based waiting list, their name will be removed from all other site-based lists that MHACY maintains.

B. The Section 8 Waiting List

The Section 8 waiting list is currently closed. Due to budgetary constraints the housing authority is not issuing new vouchers at this time.

Presently there are over ten thousand applicants on the waiting list. As a result, we anticipate it will be many years before the waiting list reopens. If you have already applied please make sure to retain your confirmation number and advise the housing authority in writing of any change of address.

C. Waiting Lists in MHACY’s Affiliated Properties

To find out about the availability of an affordable unit in Grant Park, click here; in Park Vista, click here; in Park Terrace, click here; in School Housing Terrace, click here; and in 188 Warburton Avenue, click here.