The Municipal Housing Authority for the City of Yonkers (“MHACY”) has twelve Tenant Councils.  The purpose of each Council is as follows:

  • To promote the general welfare and desirable living conditions of its residents.
  • To recommend solutions to problems within the responsible organizations and agencies for implementation.
  • To ensure that conditions within the developments allow the residents to enjoy their apartment and neighborhood to the fullest extent possible.
  • To discuss resident concerns with management and other service providers for resolution.
  • To work with the Site Managers and other MHACY staff to solve individual, family, neighborhood, council and Authority problems.
  • To encourage active resident participation in the Tenant Council in a positive manner, to address matters of concern to the residents and take advantage of opportunities available at the sites.

William A. Schlobohm Houses (Schroeder St.)
Elizabeth Owens

Calcagno Homes (School Street)
Vanessa Hampton Lugo

Cottage Place Gardens
Donna Clark, Alvin Washington & Randy McNair

Walsh Road Homes
Louise Simmons

Kris Kristensen (Seymour Street)
Sarah Haughton

Flynn Manor
Pedro Melendez, Frank Beltran & Dora Paulino

Loehr Court (Western Avenue)
Rosendo Figueroa & Yolanda Lee

Monsignor Troy Manor (Willow Street)
Mary Ann Maurer, Benjamin Barrios & Artistides (Artie) Thanasoulis

Curran Court Homes
Susan Striplin & Amelia Pupchyk

Martinelli Manor
Matthew Petit-Clair

James E. Hall Homes
Michael Stephens & Mary Paige

Seven Townhomes
Marisel Fontan