The Municipal Housing Authority for the City of Yonkers (“MHACY”) has twelve Tenant Councils.  The purpose of each Council is as follows:

  • To promote the general welfare and desirable living conditions of its residents.
  • To recommend solutions to problems within the responsible organizations and agencies for implementation.
  • To ensure that conditions within the developments allow the residents to enjoy their apartment and neighborhood to the fullest extent possible.
  • To discuss resident concerns with management and other service providers for resolution.
  • To work with the Site Managers and other MHACY staff to solve individual, family, neighborhood, council and Authority problems.
  • To encourage active resident participation in the Tenant Council in a positive manner, to address matters of concern to the residents and take advantage of opportunities available at the sites.

William A. Schlobohm Houses (Schroeder St,)
Elizabeth Owens, Andrew Owens & Victor Mairena

Calcagno Homes (School Street)
Phyllis Harrison

Cottage Place Gardens
Donna Clark & Leona Nelson

Walsh Road Homes
Margaret “Peggy” James, Louise Simmons & Ivette Maldonado

Kris Kristensen (Seymour Street)
Sarah Haughton, Migdalia Roman & Inocenia Rosario

Flynn Manor
Fran Beltran, Isabel Gonzalez & Dora Paulino

Loehr Court (Western Avenue)
Rosendo Figueroa

Monsignor Troy Manor (Willow Street)
MaryAnn Maurer & Benjamin Barrios

Curran Court Homes
Amelia Pupchyk, Anne Prestamo & Guiditta Nacov

Martinelli Manor
Matthew Petit-Clair

James E. Hall Homes
Michael Stephens & Carolyn Arroyo

Scattered Sites (Townhouses)
Marisel Fontan & Vanella Martin