MHACY’s Board of Commissioners (the “Board”) has ultimate authority over the Authority’s policies and procedures. Five Commissioners are appointed by the Mayor of Yonkers and two are elected by MHACY’s residents. The mayoral appointments serve for five years. The elected Commissioners – one to represent the Family Sites and one to represent the Senior Sites – are elected for a two year term. Resident elections are held usually the third Thursday in September.


Hon. Arthur J.Doran Jr., Chair
Term Start: 6/24/2016 | Term End:6/23/2021

Mr. Lawrence Sansone, Vice Chair*
Term Start: 9/26/2016 | Term End: 9/30/2018

Ms. Dalphine E. Meadows, Commissioner
Term Start: 6/24/2014 | Term End: 6/23/2019

Mr. James Landy, Commissioner
Term Start: 9/26/2016 | Term End: 6/23/2020

Ms. Maxine Battle, Commissioner*
Term Start: 9/19/2015 | Term End: 9/30/2017

Ms. Shanae Williams, Commissioner
Term Start: 4/29/2016 | Term End: 6/23/2017

Ms. Joan Deierlein, Commissioner
Term Start: 6/24/2013 | Term End: 6/23/2018

*Mr. Lawrence Sansone represents the Senior Sites
*Ms. Maxine Battle represents the Family Sites

Commissioner Chart effective September 26, 2016